HTML5 Arduino WLAN-Robot

Based on the latest arduino-blogpost 10.12.2010 I have played around with the arduino-cpu to control a small electrical-motor-engine with WLAN-Technology.

Aims and purpose was to control a small robot platform over the internet and display the request-video-images in an interactive web interface, optimized for smartphones.

The Frontend-Web-Application was based on the easle-Framework/HTML5 and implemented touch- and mouse-gestures.

With some kind of an animated track-point or joystick the user could control the robot-platform.

Screenshot HTML5 Arduino Robot

Screenshot HTML5 Arduino Robot


To control the platform over the internet / WLAN we needed two more components for our Arduino-Board.

The Arduino controls the functionality between the Redfly-WLAN-Shield and the MotorShield.

Arduino Robot Shields

Arduino Robot Shields


A little self-programmed Webserver on the Arduino-Chip interpretated the incoming GET-Variables. For every incoming variable the arduino settings were changed and the outgoing pins of the board send a signal to the motorshield.

The motorshield had a secondary 9V-Powerinput and controled the engine-directions and speed.

The IP of our small webserver could be defined in our webserver-code-snipped and should be the same main-IP like our Webserer-WLAN.

We could get the images of our robot-plattform over an IP-CAM-Andoid-App, send as an JPEG-Stream from auch Smartphone.


Arduino Robot Plattform

Arduino Robot Plattform


With the right configuration of our webserver the robot platform could be controlled worldwide over the www.

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Sourcecode – Arduino Motorshield Webserver

Sourcecode – EASLE-HTML-Frontend

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